Mid-Surrey Windings Limited

             Unit D, Oakcroft Works

             Oakcroft Road


             Surrey KT9 1RH.


             Tel :  44(0)208-397-8559

      Fax : 44(0)208-397-8493




Mid-Surrey Windings are bespoke manufacturers of quality transformers and allied wound products

with design and engineering experience in excess of 50 years.


Our product range includes:-


Single and three phase linear transformers from 5VA to 150kva with system voltages upto 5kv,

utilising strip-wound, standard laminated and silicon steel cut-core manufacturing techniques.


Toroidally wound transformers from 20va to 5kva including enclosed units for

low-voltage lighting applications.


Switch-Mode power supply transformers, chokes and filters.



The markets we serve:-


Automotive and aviation sector.

Rail and marine industries.

DC Power Supply and Sub-sea systems manufacturers.

Control Panel manufacturers.

Air Conditioning and Climate Control Engineering.

Military Power Generation.

Machine Tool Manufacturers.

Music and Lighting Industry.


Quality Systems:

Being developed to meet ISO 9001-2000 leading to registration this year.


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Contact us by e-mail: sales@mid-surreywindings.co.uk